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Read Our Free, Erotic Short Stories
Welcome to our selection of erotic short stories, some even written by our very own phone sex operators. These stories should get the juices going before you take on one of our sexy phone lines.
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Sarah's Imagination

Sarah wakes up from an erotic dream, naked and excited. She had dreamt about guy who was a regular caller to her phone sex line. Her attempts to distract herself are useless and she can't help help but indulge as she starts to let her fantasies take her on an erotic journey.

Read about Sarah's Adventure now...

Tasha's first threesome

Tasha had a healthy sexual appertite, but had never had a threesome before. She had often thought of asking her boyfriend, Steve if he'd be into the idea of involving somone else but she'd not quite got the courage. Her and Steve had only been going out a couple of months, and they had only been fucking for a week so it did seem a bit soon, but before she had to broach the subject, an interesting oppertunity presented itself.

Read the full story...

Chrissie's first black cock

Chrissie was in her bedroom, she had a porn site open on her laptop and she was watching a girl, very similar in looks to herself sucking on a black guys cock. It was harder and thicker than any cock she'd seen and she fingered her pussy furiously while she watched the guy on her computer get harder, then push that enoumous black cock into the girls pussy. Chrissie decided that day that she wanted a black fuck buddy.

Find out if Chrissie finds her fuck buddy...

Shy Girl, Still a Virgin at 20

Gemma was a quiet girl, she always blended in and as a result, she'd got to the age of 20 without ever having sex. She confessed to her best friend Jenny that she wanted to loose her virginity before the year was through. Jenny, a self confessed slut promised that, if thats what Gemma wanted, she would make sure she got laid within the month.

Does Gemma Finally Get Laid...

Evie has a tongue piercing and she wants to practice using it go give pleasure

Evie is at a party, she is showing off her new tongue piercing. Part of the reason she decided to get it was a sexual experience with a guy who had the same piercing. The combination of warm, moist tongue and steel on her clit and in her pussy had given her the most intense orgasm of her life. She was ready to spread the love and give that pleasure to others. Now to find a willing partner, or two....

Read on to see who Evie pleasures...

Blonde Student Girl Gets Naked and Pleasures Herself

Rachel is 20 and at university in Winchester, UK. She found herself sexually after moving out of her parents' house to go to study and she makes good use of having her own flat. Of course having her own space helps her to work, research and focus, but as well as spreading books and papers around her flat as she likes, she can also get out of the shower, spread her legs and finger herself, knowing that she's all alone.

Read on for details about Rachel's sexy time alone...

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