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Erotic Story: Blonde Student Girl Gets Naked and Pleasures Herself

Rachel, blonde student (20)
blonde student phone sex girl naked with one leg on the sofa
Blonde student (20) poses naked on the sofa

Hi, I'm Rachel, 20. I'm studying Ancient Classical and Medieval Studies at Winchester University. Its a hugely interesting course, I've always been massivly interested in archaeology, especially in England.

I'm not realy sure what job prospects there are once I finish the course next year, I could go on and get a teaching qaulification and be a history teacher. Hopfully I'll at least be able to spend a year or two on a dig, maybe I'll discover something interesting and priceless and end up famous with my own TV show.....

Theres quite a lot of work involved, a big part of it is reading though so I do spend a lot of time ether at the library, or in my flat.

I remember when I first moved out of home a couple of years ago, having a room in my own house, being able to lock it and do whatever I wanted in there with no one caring, being able to come and go at any time without telling anyone where I was.

There's definately something sexy about having your own space for the first time, being able to lock your door and do what you want without having to worry about explaining yourself to anyone, I remember I'd masterbated more times in my first week at Uni than I had the entire previous year. I had also only ever had sex with one guy back home, I had a few boyfriends but it was always awkward, my dad was very protective and I had to have my bedroom door open if I had a boy in there, and all the lads I dated lived with their parents.

I'm now in my third year of study and I have a small flat near the universiry campus to my self and, in the two years I've been here I've definately discovered myself sexually.

I wouldn't say I was a slut in my first year, but I did have sex with 4 different people. 3 of those I went out with for a while so it wasn't as if I was just going out and banging random blokes. I have got a lot more adventurous and learnt to be clear about asking for what I want and need sexually. This actualy makes it better for both of us I've found so I'm not shy about making demands these days.

I'm lucky to have a flat all to myself. My parents gave me some extra money towards the rent as they thought I needed somewhere quiet to read and do my research. They are right of course and its very conducive to clarity of thought, reading and compiling notes and research in my large, sunny living room. Its great to be able to spread out my notes and books, knowing that no one will touch or move anything. But the best bit is being able to not worry about dressing.

Student (20) spreads her legs and her pussy lips

I like a nice slow morning. I get out of bed, hop in the shower and just walk into the kitchen with nothing but a towel, loosely wrapped around me. I can make coffee and toast, and just lie back on the sofa, almost naked and ease myself into the day.

I'll be lying on the sofa, my white fluffy towel falling away from by breasts, the smell of toast and coffee in the room and the morning sun coming through the window, onto my freshly showered skin. This is my faverite time to let my fingers run over my nipples, down my stomach slowly, and to my pussy.

I like to run my fingers up the inside of my leg, one side at a time before I touch myself, it makes that first touch more intense. Then, I like to playfully finger my clit as it gets excited. My pussy gets wet and my fingers can slide over my clit and in to my pussy making everything nice and slippery.

I have some toys I keep under the sofa for these situations, my favrote is a medium size, green dildo with a nice head. I like to tease my pussy with just the head of the dildo, letting the ridge slip in and out then, gently letting a little more of the shaft in each time until I'm pushing the whole thing inside me with one hand and frantically rubbing my clit with the other.

I wish I had a third hand, or somone to suck and nibble my nipple. At this point I start thinking about what it would be like if I was doing this and I had a nice hard cock to suck. My mind runs away and I fantisise about having two cocks, one fucking my mouth and the other pumping my sweet pussy while my finger flicks up and down, over my clit.

When I start thinking like this, its not long until I'm moaning, pumping that dildo deeper and faster and flicking my clit with my right hand. This is why I like having my own flat, I can't help but scream as the orgasm hits me. My whole body shakes as I arch my back. Little electric jolts pass through my body in waves of sublime pleasure and, when the last of the aftershocks are over I just lie back, my breasts rising and falling with my breath, fast.