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When you want to dial a phone sex number, and have it answered by a woman with experience, a woman who's been getting men hard for years and knows exactly what men need, then you should let the experienced women handle it.

Our experienced women know exactly how to get you rock hard. You'll feel so good, your dick in one hand while we moan filthy suggestions into your ear. Wait until you hear the things our women want to do to you. 

It's sometimes better to have phone sex with an experienced woman. The girls here are not only experienced in getting men off over the phone.

Our girls are especially skilled when it comes to sex. These practiced cock suckers don't even gag with a hard cock plunges so deep into their mouths that the whole hard shaft disappears down their throats.

When they are deep throating, they know exactly how to move their tongues for maximum pleasure.

There's a skill also to keeping more than one person happy in group sex. Keeping two cocks hard and making sure everyone cums as they should is something an experienced woman has no problem with.

Using fetish play to enhance sex can also go wrong for inexperienced girls. All these things come naturally to our experienced sluts, because they have had the time to hone their skills, being the sex craving whores that they are.​

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Why is phone sex better with a more experienced woman?

So what has this experience got to do with the quality of phone sex on our experienced service? Why is phone sex better if you're having it with an experienced woman?

When you've done something a lot, especially if you're passionate about it, you get good. You get to learn little tricks to do the job better, moves to enhance the pleasure.​ That sense of timing that only comes with practice, that's something only an experienced woman can offer.

Fingernails digging into your shoulder can ether kill your wood, or make your orgasm 100 times more intense, making you shoot more cum than you knew you could. That's all about timing and sexual intuition. 

Now we hope you can see how such intuition and sexual awareness can transfer well to phone sex. Knowing exactly when to moan, what to say, when to finger herself more intensely so the gasps help to finish you off. ​

You'll also value an experienced woman if you've ever had sex with someone inexperienced. There is nothing like sex with a woman who knows exactly what she wants and, more importantly what you want.

Experienced women will make you feel things you never thought possible, with an expert flick of the tongue across your dick in a certain way, with a finger or her teeth. Once you experience what an experienced woman can do to you, you'll not want to fuck a younger girl who doesn't know what she's doing again.

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If you've got the urge to start stroking that cock, let our girls help you. These girls will strip off slowly while you slowly stroke that cock, running her fingers over her nipples while licking her lips, the fingers run down her stomach and slide under her panties.

She pulls the panties down her legs, lies back and gently touches that pussy.

She want's you to stroke that dick for her, she want's to watch you jack it and get it nice and hard while she fingers her clit.

She wants to suck your cock deeply, taking in every inch, getting it hard and moist, wanking you off before sucking again.

You can suck on her wet, pussy juice covered fingers while she lets you fuck her face.

With all the teasing and foreplay, her cunt will be soaking wet and juicy, your cock will be hard and swollen. It's time to fuck her hard. Which position will you fuck her in? All her holes are ready and aching to get slammed by a hard cock.

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Remember, experience is key when it comes to pleasuring men, and our girls have a wealth of experience pleasing men and getting what they need to please themselves.

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