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Mature Housewives Alone At Home

A little older, these lonely housewives spend a lot of time at home, and a lot of time wondering why they are not getting fucked nearly enough by their husbands.

Women get hornier as time goes by.  A lot of younger girls use sex, partly for pleasure, but partly to manipulate. It's no secret. Women use sex to reward and motivate, they withhold it to punish.

These older women are over all that game playing. The pleasure they experience is more intense, and they enjoy every touch, kiss and caress more than they ever did before.

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Calls cost 36p Per Minute Plus Access Charge

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Our older housewives all feel neglected, they may still be sexy cougars, but their husbands neglect them. Maybe these men have got bored of their wives, or maybe they are tired. Working long hours and traveling for business brings in the cash, but takes its toll on the sex drive.

When a woman is horny all the time, but she only gets fucked 3 or 4 times a year it is frustrating.

That's why there are so many older housewives, horny as hell, with no outlet for their sexual frustration.

These girls are still hot, they look after themselves. Their features are those of a real woman, and they have the experience to offer the most intense and unique pleasures.​

Bend over for your punishment.

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Why Do Their Husbands Neglect Them Sexually?

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Maybe their husbands have had too much of a good thing. Maybe they forgot just how good their hot sexy wives are. If they manage to bed that pretty young girl at work, they may find themselves unsatisfied and craving the touch of a real woman.

That's what these ladies are, real women. Experienced, sexual, seductive and well practiced in the arts of mutual pleasure.​

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Younger girls would be shocked at the skills these mature housewives can demonstrate with a willing cock. ​The problem is, they don't have a willing cock nearly as often as they want.

Some housewives who are more mature don't have a problem with cheating to get what they need sexually. They would prefer to have a regular seeing to by their husbands, but when he's not interested for months at a time, it can damage a ladies self confidence. Luckily, there are plenty of men who would willingly offer their hard dicks to these sensual, curvy women.​

Some wives don't feel comfortable letting other men fuck them, but they love to flirt and tease. When it comes to talking dirty on the telephone however, they can really let loose.

Since these women are hardly getting any, they will be the wild ones on the phone. Phone sex with a mature housewife will almost always involve sex toys. These women are not ​just going through the motions for you, they have some serious pent up sexual energy, so when they are fucking their own cunts hard with a sex toy and screaming your name, you'd better believe it's for real!

We will connect you directly to one of our mature housewives. She's at home and fucking horny. She'll be excited to have someone as horny as she is to play with.

09098 660 349

Calls cost 36p Per Minute Plus Access Charge

Dianne's Phone Sex Story

Dianne is in her 40s. A curvy, busty woman who still attracts lustful stares from younger men. Her husband is older, in his 50s. He has pretty much gone off sex and has very little free time anyway. He's more interested in football and the garden on the rare occasions he is home.

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In the mean time, Dianne is horny. She wakes up every day with a certain type of energy, a frisky, tingling feeling.

It's become more of a problem in recent months because she has noticed herself turning into a terrible pervert. 

She had a satellite TV ​engineer over to install some new equipment. He was cute in a tradesman sort of way, but she couldn't stop staring and sneaking glances at his ass, and the bulge of his cock and balls through the work trousers he was wearing.

Every time she looked she tingled. She felt like pouncing on the guy.

It was when he was feeding a cable through a hole he'd just made in the ceiling that Dianne almost lost it though. ​As he reached high, the outline of the installers dick was fully visable through the fabric of his trousers. She saw it move as he stretched to feed the cable through.

Dianne slipped a hand down the front of her own skirt and knickers and touched herself. She was wet.

Dianne had to use every bit of self control in her to prevent her from ripping off her skirt and knickers so she could finger fuck herself right there in the living room.​ What was wrong with her? These feelings had been fairly new.

The satellite man started to turn around to face Dianne, she tried to look cool and removed her hand from her panties.​ He told her that he had to climb up to the satellite dish on the outside of the house to replace the LNB, whatever that was. Dianne checked if he was ok to go ahead, and if he needed anything else from her and went upstairs to her bedroom.

As she walked into her room, Dianne kicked off her shoes and sat on the side of her bed. She slipped her tights off slowly, enjoying the feeling of her fingers against her inside thigh, then she looked out of the window. A ladder was being placed against the wall outside. She had a good view of the ladder and satellite dish​ from her bed. She smiled. Good, she thought as she propped up some pillows and lay back on them. Dianne had a perfect view of the satellite man climbing the ladder.

As he worked on the dish, Dianne slipped her top off, revealing a black lacy bra holding her large breasts. She ran her fingertips over her left breast while the other hand stroked and squeezed her inner thigh before slipping down the front of her knickers.

As the satellite man ​unscrewed cables from the dish, she kept her eyes on him through the window while she leant forward for a second to unhook her bra. She removed it revealing her hard nipples. She pinched one of her nipples while her right hand carried on working down the front of her knickers.

Dianne lifted her ass in the air for a second and slipped off her panties. She was naked on the bed, on her back with her knees bent and spread wide. She ran circles around her clitoris before using two fingers to wank her wet cunt, her other hand on her boob. Finger fucking her sweet pussy, her hips raised and fell slightly on the bed as her breathing became heavy. All the time her eyes were fixed on the man, working up the ladder.

Dianne was close, and she started to scream. The satellite man looked around for a second but went back to work. Had he seen her? Dianne was more turned on by this than she was embarrassed. The chance that he had seen sent electric sensations through her. Her body convulsed, pulsing for a second of pure blissful pleasure, then she arched her back, pushing her ass off the bed at the same time while she let out a moan. She savored the last tremors of pleasure before she stopped. Her beating started slowing down, that had been intense.

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