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Shy Girl, Still a Virgin at 20, An Erotic Story

Gemma was 20, but still a virgin. She'd not planned it that way, but it had just never happened. But with the end of the year approaching she decided she did not want to enter another new year with her virginity.

Gemma, a pretty 20 year old virgin

Gemma was a quiet girl, she worked at a university library so she was often in a quiet environment, she also liked to read, being a philosophy graduate. The library was heaven for her.

Gemma had a small but close circle of friends, she went out, enjoyed life but she had never had a serious relationship and she'd never gone all the way.

This didn't bother Gemma until recently. It was November and she would be 21 in the new year. Something nagged her about her virginity for the first time. She wanted to have sex and she wanted to feel what it was like to really get into it, really scream. She wanted to feel the powerfull, intense pleasure she'd read about in magazines.

It was a Friday night. Gemma was at a wine bar with her best friend Jenny. Jenny was opposite to Gem in many ways, the most obvious of which being her promiscuity.

Jenny, a full figured girl, also 20, had long dark hair, brown eyes and attractive features. She liked to dress for attention, and was good at making the most of her curves.

"You'll meet someone, you don't have to rush it. We're not exactly old are we?",

"I know, I know.", Gemma said, placing a finger on her lips for a second before picking up her wine glass and taking a large drink. "It's just, I want to get it over with. I don't want to wait for a relationship anymore. I don't need a connection, I just want to..."

Gemma paused, "Get you're brains fucked out like a whore" Jenny supplied.

Gemma gasped and laughed at the same time, showing a mixture of embarrassment and amusement before taking another large gulp of her wine which she almost choked on. Both giggling, they continued to drink.

"You know", said Jenny with a little hesitance, "You can make it happen if that's what you want. I always thought you wanted to be in a relationship, but you do know that you're pretty, right? You can get laid when ever you want it".

"I'm not like that, you know me". Gemma paused, "But it's all I've been thinking about recently, I watched some porn and..."

"You what? Gemma!!! That's shocking, you're meant to be the good girl, I'm the slut".

They both laughed.

"I know the sort of stuff they do in those videos is completely unrealistic. And I wouldn't want a relationship with sex like that every night, but, maybe once".

"You want to make a porno?" Jenny said in a loud whisper.

"Nooooooo, of course not. I was just thinking, maybe, reenacting...". Gemma paused, thinking for a minute.

A moment passed and both girls finished their wine. Jenny filled both glasses from the bottle, draining the final drops into her own glass.

"I'd have to keep the video, never share it, never let it​ out of my sight".

"You wouldn't", said Jenny. "You've just had too much wine, here, have some more" she said, topping Gemma's glass up from the new bottle that had been bought to the table.

It was 10am on a Sunday morning. Gemma had been half awake for a while but couldn't quite gather the motivation to move, even though her mouth was dry. The glass sitting on her bed side table was empty. She'd woken up at around 5am and drunk it. Now she needed water, and craved coffee. There was nothing for it.

Sitting at the breakfast bar in her small kitchen, the sun shining through the window, Gemma sipped on her coffee and eyed her laptop. Opening the lid, her web browser was already running and on a webpage. She smiled to herself as she remembered. She'd walked back to her flat with Jenny, who only lived a few doors away and poured herself another glass of wine.

Thinking about the conversation she'd had over many glasses of wine, Gemma was still obsessing about sex, porn movies, and her own desires. She'd started to flick through various adult sites until she'd found a video that she really liked. Yes, this was it, this was her perfect scenario. She could see herself in the place of the girl in the video. She wondered if she'd feel the same, now she was gingerly alternating between sipping her coffee, and drinking small mouthfuls of cold water. She pressed play.