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Girls Who Need A Good Spanking

I love playing the naughty girl who needs to be disciplined. For me, there's nothing like the feeling of excitement when I submit being bent over a mans knee. I love to feel him pull my skirt down so it's around my knees, then pull my knickers down, exposing my naked bum. That feeling of exposure and submission sends tingles of excitement all over me.

Then the feeling of a bare hand smacking my ass, the sudden sting and the burn, as my cheeks go red. This is guaranteed to make me wet and horny to the point I loose control completely.​

Maybe it could be you, bending me over your knee, holding my hair in a bunch with one hand while you spank my cute little bare bottom with the other. My wet pussy and tight little ass hole will be completely exposed if you want to use your fingers to punish me more. Smack my ass while you're pulling on my hair then finger me.

Spanking role play has to be part of foreplay for me, every time. If I'm masturbating, I'll spank my own ass until it's red. You can hear me do it if you call. As I smack my ass for you, you'll hear me scream with pleasure. You'd better be getting hard while I'm doing it because this drives me crazy for cock

We've got the kinkiest girls who love being bent over and spanked here. Just like all our girls, we are available 24/7 for you to call.

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LIVE 121 - Hear me spank my tight ass
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Kinky girl spanking her own ass

Tied up, spanked and fucked hard

So many people don't appreciate the pleasure you can get from some playful spanking. A well timed slap during sex can push things over the edge, leading to a screaming climax like you've never experienced.

Of course, some playful spanking as part of foreplay can be very enjoyable. Some like to go further though.

If you like to be spanked, part of that might be because you enjoy being submissive, giving power over yourself to someone else, so it's only natural that those who love a good spanking, often like to be restrained or tied up.

I absolutely love the feeling, being all tied up or handcuffed to the bed, my bare firm ass exposed, waiting to be punished. Sometimes, when I'm tied up, my ass exposed I'm made to wait like that. The anticipation is almost as good as the sting of the first smack.

My hands tied, my cheeks, asshole and pussy exposed, the spanking can lead anywhere. It's when I feel a hard cock spanking my ass instead of the palm of a hand that I know things are about to get interesting.​

I love it when he shoves his hard cock in my mouth, still spanking me hard. There's nothing I can do, I have to submit to the pain and pleasure.

When it finally comes to sex, if there's been spanking involved I always want it hard and on the rough side, accented of course with the occasional extra smack.

The best way to end a spanking session is a rough, hard pounding. Better when I'm tied up on all fours, he can tug at my hair while his cock thrusts into me.​

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Men who like to be spanked

Of course, you may need some discipline yourself. ​Want to submit to a dominant woman who wants to strip you naked, bend you over and spank your ass hard. Once you've taken your spanking like a good boy, she might start yanking at your dick while slapping your ass cheeks, but it's up to her weather she lets you cum or not.

Our girls are seriously into all kinds of spanking and fetish talk, and they'll be very excited to explore some fantasies and play out some scenarios with you.​

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