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Young and married, Home alone and horny

Young, Married and Home Alone

Charlotte was married at 18. All her girl friends were jealous. While they were dating boys who spent their time driving around the outskirts of town, aimlessly with music playing, Charlotte was marrying a man, a grown up.

Charlotte's husband, Alphonse was in his early 30s, he looked younger, but the way he looked, held himself and talked put him in a different league to the other boys she, and her friends had dated had hung out with.

They had met at a company event held by Charlotte's father's employers. Families were invited for a weekend of networking, food, drink and leisure at a large former stately home, now a hotel. Charlotte didn't want to go, until she saw the hotel's website and noticed the spa, treatments and bar. After confirming that all facilities, including the treatments would be complementary, and agreeing an allowance for a bar tab, she had joined her family quite enthusiastically.

There were a few people swimming in the outdoor pool, Charlotte watched as they swam from end to end, ​it was almost hypnotic. Then a new figure appeared, swimming from the indoor pool. He caught Charlotte's eye as he swam length to length. Each stroke was powerful, his arms muscular and, from what Charlotte could see, the rest of his body was toned. Charlotte smiled and enjoyed the hot bubbles while taking in this new, pleasant addition to the view.

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Charlotte in a blue top, playing with her breasts

Charlotte was lying in the large outdoor hot tub following a long and extremely pleasurably massage. Steam hung in the fresh air as she took in the amazing views. The hot tub was more like a small swimming pool with places to sit and lie and was part of an impressive complex of beautifully landscaped indoor and outdoor pools. The hotel was on top of a large hill and the hot tub looked over the outdoor pool which was connected to the indoor pools by a swim through corridor. Beyond the pool, Charlotte took in the rolling countryside, forests and lakes.

Charlotte was sitting with two other girls in the bar attached to the Hotel's spa. One of the girls was the daughter of a company director, 19 years old, and the other a new trainee in her early 20's. They had been drawn to each other because of their similar age, most people attending this family event had brought young children so it was a relief to have some company.

Charlotte went to the bar to order drinks and noticed the eye candy from the swimming pool walking up to the bar and waiting beside her. She recognised him ​at once. Alphonse noticed Charlotte's glance, flashed a cheeky smile and said hello in a softly confident french accent.

Charlotte's father, after initial reservations had grown to like Alphonse, especially when it transpired that his own company and Alphonse's relationship had grown stronger since the engagement​ and this had, in turn won Charlotte's father credit with his own company directors. There was talk of a partnership being offered. It was like a fairy-tale.

When the honeymoon is over

Charlotte had everything she thought she wanted. She worked, but because she wanted to, not because she had to. She lived in a beautiful house with a cleaner 3 times a week, had friends, easy access to great restaurants and bars, and a swimming pool and hot tub. Alphonse however, was mainly absent.

Charlotte didn't want to cheat on ​Alphonse, but she did have needs. She didn't realise it at 19, but now she was in her 20's, her sex drive had increased, a lot!

Masturbation was fine, but she was still missing something, until one day, after lunch and a couple of glasses of wine with friends, she was alone at home, relaxing in the living room, TV on while lazily flicking though her facebook feed on an iPad.

A message popped up from her friend, Kate.

"You know I told you all that my new part time job was with an advertising agency, doing some bits of design work?"

"Yes", Charlotte replied.

"I lied".​

Kate went on to tell Charlotte about her real part time job. She'd started using date and flirt lines, more for fun, rather than with the intention of actually dating anyone, and she'd had phone sex 3 times. Apparently she'd been mentioned on an internet forum a couple of times and she found her account on the dating line full of messages.​ This prompted her to look into how easy it would be to get paid for having phone sex. Apparently it was quite easy. She signed up, went over the various rules, then got a login. Any time she wanted, she could log in and her phone would start ringing with calls from people who wanted phone sex with her. When she'd had enough, she could log out.

The conversation went on a while, and throughout, Charlotte became more and more interested. This was exactly what she needed. ​That little bit of extra sexual excitement to feed her appetite.

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Charlotte lies on the sofa massaging her sexy tits getting ready for her first phone sex call

Her First Phone Sex Call

Her first phone sex call was moments away, she knew it. She was signed up, had her login details setup, had recorded her intro message, she hoped it would tempt men into pressing the star button to choose her. It was now a waiting game.

The anticipation was actually making Charlotte wet with excitement. She ​had pulled her little blue top up and had started to caress her breasts. Her breathing got a little heavier as her nipples hardened.

The phone rang. She was greeted with a message telling her that a caller from the sex line wanted to connect. She accepted and a voice said 'Hi'.

This was it.

The caller seemed a little hesitant, but ​Charlotte's obvious sexual hunger helped get things going quickly. 

Charlotte had told the caller how she wanted to get his cock nice and moist with her mouth, and wank him slowly for a few strokes before taking the whole length in her mouth again, her tongue circling around the shaft at the same time.

"Are you nice and hard for me?"​, Charlotte had asked. "yea... really hard, how did you do that?"

"Take it out, take those trousers and pants off, I want to hear how hard it is. Have you got lube?"

Before Charlotte knew it, they were both masturbating and moaning with each other, between breaths and moans, telling each other what they were going to do next. It was filthy, and so good!​

sexy housewife Charlotte plays with her naked body

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Knowing that she was responsible for her caller being so hard and horny was a bigger turn on for Charlotte that she could have imagined. There were electric, tingling, fluttering sensations that she'd never felt before.

Playing with her pussy had defiantly not ever felt like this before.

Charlotte uses a see through dildo while she takes her first phone sex call

Fingers are not enough anymore, Charlotte said in a breathy voice as she picked up the toy she'd made sure was to hand.

Her caller seemed to get even more excited as she sucked on the dlido, as she moaned, it was clear that her mouth was full. This, apparently sounded hot.

"Mmmm you like that? Pull that hard cock out of my pussy and let me suck you, deep. hmmmm​". The last few words were muffled by Charlotte, once again sucking on the dildo, taking the shaft deep into her throat.

Her caller moaned and exclaimed. He liked this idea.

Sexy housewife sucks her dildo

A Climatic Finish

They were both breathing heavily and moaning now. Charlotte and her first caller. ​Teasing her clit with the tip of her dildo, she wanted to fuck herself deep and hard with the toy, but she held back, driving herself crazy, her breathing heavy, her whole body alive with desire and anticipation.

charlotte teases her pussy with her toy

"​Want it in my pussy?", "deep in my tight pussy?".

Charlotte slips her panties to one side while pressing her dildo against her pussy
Charlotte pushes her dildo into her pussy hole while on the phone

They were both breathing heavily and moaning now. Charlotte and her first caller. ​Teasing her clit with the tip of her dildo, she wanted to fuck herself deep and hard with the toy, but she held back, driving herself crazy, her breathing heavy, her whole body alive with desire and anticipation.

It was time, pushing the dildo​ on her tight wet pussy, it penetrated her, as it did, Charlotte squealed. She wanted it hard and fast now.

Her hand wrapped around the shaft of the dildo, she was slamming it into herself, her fist banging against her clit on every stroke resulting in a gasp of pleasure​.

She could hear her caller moaning ​while he was furiously wanking off his hard cock.

"Oh.... Fuck....". The intence electrisity, whole body in spasm. Gasping though her rapid breathing​, Charlotte clenched her hand over a cusion as her body jerked several times. Her caller was moaning. "I'm cumming... oh god, I'm cumming", Charlotte managed to gasp. "Fuck. Yes. Cum for me. Cum for me now".

The moaning and breathing reached a climax for a few seconds, and slowed. Nothing was said for a while. Charlotte gave a satisfied giggle. She couldn't stop smiling.

"You ok honey?" Charlotte asked. "I was not expecting it to be that good", came the reply.

Charlotte ​felt amazing. She realised that she hadn't had a release like that for a very long time. She lay on he sofa for a while, then got up to get a drink. As she sat down, the phone started ringing. It was going to be a fun day.

phone sex girl Charlotte has fun with a sex toy

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