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Sarah's Imagination, An Erotic Short Story

Phone sex worker Sarah wakes from an erotic dream about a regular caller. Now that she's awake, nothing can divert her imagination from the lust she is feeling and she must surrender to her body and mind, letting the erotic pleasure of her fantasy evolve as her sexual imagination runs wild.

Sarah in white underwear - Mirror shot

Sarah woke with a start, her whole body felt electrified, tingling and flushed with heat. The sweat rolled down the soft slope of her cleavage and gently dampened the satin of her nightgown. Every nerve felt sensitized and she moaned and writhed with the cool but rough feel of the duvet frustrating and tempting her senses. The dream had been so vivid and the feel of hard, lithe muscle between her legs had refused to fade.

Sarah had always had a wild imagination and early on in her life realised that her high sex drive was insatiable. Her dreams had over time, become an orgy of her sexual imagination and had begun to make sleeping difficult.

Sarah, a uni student, had recently decided to use her imagination and satisfy some of her desires by getting a job as a phone sex operator. Why shouldn’t she make some money whilst also satisfying some of her needs and urges! When she had started the job 2 weeks ago, she had no idea how crazy it would make her, and how horny! Lately, she just couldn’t get one guy out of her head. He had started phoning regularly and she had begun to have such a physical reaction to him. Her heart had begun to race from the moment she typed in her pin to start work, blood pounding through her, making Sarah literally pant with anticipation hoping he would call again.

Talking to men about her sexual desires was just so hot – she thought as she tried to relax back into her pillows. Her skin was flush and body slick with sweat and desire remembering the call she took from him the night before and from her dream. Sarah thought, it was just as well that she could log onto the phone sex lines from home, because she just couldn’t get enough of how it made her feel and she got so wet and horny that she had to keep thinking of more and more innovative ways to get herself off.

Remembering her dream, Sarah could visualise in her mind’s eye the things that Dan had described that he would like to do to her when they had spoken. She imagined that Dan would be like his voice, masculine, lean and muscular, and thought of the actions he had described. Unconsciously she reached under her covers and gently stroked her clit – which was tingling and made little waves of pleasurable feeling rush through her. She visualised Dan licking and flicking her clit with his warm tongue whilst drawing lazy erotic circles with his fingers around the soft skin of her inner thighs. She imagined that he teased, nibbled and sucked his way up the centre of her body before taking her nipple into his mouth and gently biting and licking, and the sensations within her grew. She ran her other hand over her breast and down to her waist before realising what she was doing and then tutted at herself for her incorrigible behaviour.

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Sarah frustrated and filled with heavy desire, decided that she needed to attempt to cool off her libido in the shower. She still had at least 1 hour till her next log on to the lines and needed to get some coursework done for uni. The bite of the cool water before the shower heated up, followed by the glowing warmth of the hot water which followed, sent shivers through her head, neck and shoulders, descending to her core. This didn’t seem to be helping thought Sarah, as she lost herself again in the pleasure of the sensation. The only way Sarah could think of to calm down her heart rate and the burn of her desire was to give in to it.

She eyed the shower-head thoughtfully. Dan had told her how he would like to soap her all over and she couldn’t seem to help re-creating these fantasies. She ran her hands all over her naked, wet curves under the water, soaping herself and wishing that she could hear his voice again. She unhooked the shower-head from its perch on the wall and pointed the spray against her chest, running the strong spray towards the heat at her center which was now starting to tingle again. The water ran down her shapely legs and into the bathtub. The needle like spray felt so good and she gently rubbed the shower-head against her clit before throwing her head back and moaning with ecstasy becoming lost in the feeling. Suddenly Sarah ached, feeling unsatisfied and empty inside with a hunger and desire to fill the void with a hard throbbing cock. She toyed with the delicious thought of Dan, his hard muscles straining as he held her close and imagined him poised above her pushed against the entrance to her moist, tight cunt with his rock hard cock, before sliding into the velvety warmth. Sarah’s own fingers, mirroring this thought pushed into the soapy folds of her sex all the way up to the base of her hand, moving in and out, hitting the front wall of her vagina whilst her thumb stimulating her clit starting to wind her body up into tight coils of sensation.

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Her legs suddenly weak and trembling started to give way and Sarah lowered herself into the water that pooled in the bath-tub. In her imagination Dan’s mouth was on hers driving her wild and his kisses, turning fiercer in her mind bit, nibbled and sucked at her neck. Sarah imagined her thighs being pushed further apart and his lean belly rubbed against her stomach as he pounded into her sex rubbing against her clit with each thrust. Sarah felt her stomach tighten and her cunt start to contract and shiver around her fingers as she moved faster in pace with her fantasy. The coils of pleasure got higher and higher until she didn’t think she could hold back any more and hearing Dan’s husky cries and grunts of pleasure from last nights phone call in her mind, her body convulsed and began to climax at the overwhelming fullness and sensation. Sarah arched her back and threw back her head in a scream before her body exploded, every nerve alive with pleasure, sending her mind soaring and free.

Sarah’s eyes gently fluttered open, her naked wet skin flushed on her chest, neck and cheeks and her breasts heaving as she panted to recover her senses. As she began to relax again into the water, a naughty mischievous smile crept onto her face and she reached outside of the bath tab to the phone on the bathroom counter and typed in her pin code. The phone rang and as Sarah answered and heard the familiar deep masculine voice, Sarah sighed “Dan…I was hoping you would call”.